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elen Yuri

Meet the Horned & Antlered Goddesses

Depictions of horned goddesses were always present in ancient art from around the world. Ironically, in the 20th century revival, they became somewhat veiled, as if hidden in plain sight. Now unveoled again, there is much interest.


Join us for a day exploring the horned and antlered goddesses: with illustrated talks, magical work, discussion and ceremony. We'll be making magical items including talisamans and incense. we'll make a visit to the local ancient wildwoods (soprobably best not to wear heels).

  • Who are the horned goddesses, and where do we find them?

  • How has the perception of them evolved in the current pagan arena?

  • How are they relevant today?

  • How do we call them?


  • From the deer mother who birthed the shaman in Siberia, to the horned-headress wearing goddesses of Mesopotamia and Egypt, we'll look for echoes of the horned goddesses in the UK and elsewhere too. Her lines run deep across the land.

Date: Saturday August 21st 2021

Location: Highgate, North London

Time: 11.00 am - 7.00pm

Price:  £65.00

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