Goddess Enchantment Workshops & Training

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Join us for a day exploring the horned and antlered goddesses: with illustrated talks, magical work, discussion and ceremony. We'll be making magical items including talismans and incense and we'll make a visit to the local ancient wildwoods. Hosted by Caroline Wise and Carrie Kirkpatrick.
Horned & Antlered Goddesses workshop
Join us for a day exploring the myth of the goddess Ishtar, with talks, discussion, magical exercises and ceremony. Hosted by Carrie Kirkpatrick and Caroline Wise,  Date: Saturday September 18th 2021, Time: 110.00am - 7.00pm, Location: Highgate, North London, Price: £65.00 (concessions available at our discretion).
The Initiatory Dance of Ishtar Workshop
A  Zoom workshop exploring the Goddess Isis in her many guises as she travelled and shape-shifted across land and sea over four and a half thousand years.Date Saturday 16th January 2021 Time 11.00am - 6.00pm.
The Elemental Goddess Isis and her sister Goddesses
Join us for a Zoom workshop dedicated to the Goddess Hecate on Saturday 24th October.
Hecate's Sanctuary Zoom Workshop